Applying For A New Connection

  1. Customers are required to submit two (2) forms of valid picture identification, e.g. a passport or a driver’s license when requesting a new connection service, or if there is a change in tenancy or ownership of an existing property.
  2. Customers applying for electricity, and/or water supply on behalf of another customer should show that they are duly authorized to do so (e.g. an agent, realtor, etc.).  Where the application is in a registered organization, the proof of registration should be produced (eg. a company registration). 
  3. When applying for a new electrical connection (for building purposes), consumers are required to submit an Electrical Inspectors Certificate before completing an ‘Application for Electrical Supply’ form in duplicate at the office.  The electrical the certificate is valid for nine (9) months only and should be renewed if construction continues beyond this period.
  4. When applying for a new water supply (for building purposes), customers are required to submit a Block and Parcel Number from the Land Development Authority before completing an ‘Application for Water Supply’ form in duplicate.  The certificate is valid for nine (9) months only and should be renewed if construction continues beyond this period.
  5. Applicants should be informed by the CSO that an inspection must be carried out prior to the connection of the service.
  6. Customers should be provided with the supply within a week or without avoidable delays of the service being requested, where a deposit/capital contribution has been received.
  7. Customers should be made aware by the CSO of their responsibility to make the meter(s) accessible for the Company’s Meter Readers to read at all times.  Customers should be informed that they should avoid constructing extensions to buildings that may enclose existing meters.  Emphasis should be on avoiding meters being positioned near dogs or other animals which can prevent the Meter Readers from accessing them.
  8. Customers are required to pay a refundable security deposit based on the information supplied on the application form – in relation to appliances to be used. This amount should cover an average of two months’ charges.  Commercial applicants should ensure that the refundable deposit paid is adequate to cover charges to be incurred on the account.
  9. In cases where a refundable deposit was already paid, the CSO will review the amounts and should advise customers to increase the amounts; so that they commensurate with the existing charges brought about as a result of inflation or other economic circumstances.
  10. The information regarding the customer and the supply is correctly recorded by the CSO.  No connection will be done until the information about the customer is received.
  11. Arrangements should be made to settle all outstanding debts on previous accounts before the connection of the service being currently requested is carried out.
  12. Having received the payments for the new connection service, the Cashier will input the receipt number and date on the duplicate copies of the Application Form, and return them to the CSO.
  13. An account will be created for the customer, and a number should be assigned which takes into consideration the walk route for subsequent charges. A Works Order is generated, and a copy of the Application Form given to the Service Crew (Transmission & Distribution).
  14. CSO should thoroughly monitor this procedure, and follow up with a letter to remind the customer of the lapse of a valid certificate – in cases where the construction of the premises exceeds nine (9) months.


  • If a meter ceases to indicate correctly the quantity of water passing through it, or is removed for the purpose of repair, renewal, or other reason; the authority shall estimate and charge for the quantity incorrectly indicated, or which the meter has failed to indicate according to the quantity indicated subsequently or previously.
  • The responsibility of the Montserrat Utilities Limited ends at the meter, and consumers are responsible for all water used or wasted after it has passed the meter. This procedure is the same whether such waste is caused through the burst meter or otherwise. Consumers are advised to check their meter reading from time to time; and in the event of any irregularities, report the matter immediately to the Montserrat Utilities Limited Office.
  • The consumer is responsible for the safe custody of the meter, also the cost of restoration or replacement of any meter damaged by fire or accident.
  • No person, except an authorized servant of the Utility, shall disconnect, remove, or otherwise interfere or tamper with a meter.
  • Once the building is completed, the customer is required to notify Montserrat Utilities Limited Services (MUL) of the same so that the rate could be changed.


  • Deposits will be reviewed within six (6) months of signing a contract. Thereafter, the customer will be required to upgrade any deposit not equivalent to a 60 days’ bill for residential service, and 90 days bill for commercial service.
  • Deposits will be applied to the final bill on termination of the contract. Thereafter, any outstanding balances will be refunded to the Applicant.
  • The permission of the owner/landlord, or his agent (notarized letter of consent or executed Tenancy Agreement) is required for connection.
  • The Signee hereby applies for electricity, to be connected, supplied and charged in accordance with the Electricity Supply Ordinance, and the Company’s General Conditions of Supply; which have been seen and carefully read; and all such further or amended regulations as may be made from time to time by the Company, in as full a manner as if the same were in force at the date hereof.
  • The Signee agrees to grant the Company, free of charge, all necessary rights-of-way and easements for the purpose of such supply; including: all necessary facilities for erecting, laying and attaching electric lines to the land (s) or premises, and for felling, cutting, trimming and lopping of trees and shrubs; and that every such electrical lines shall remain the property of the Company, which shall be entitled to connect other consumers thereto; and shall be responsible for the repair and maintenance thereof during the continuance of the supply hereto applied for.

New Connection Costs

Deposit Costs