Applying for Billing Concessions on Water Accounts

Billing concessions apply when excess charges are incurred from inefficiencies in the used and distribution of water supply.  Such inefficiencies may not be as a result of the company’s operations. 

The following includes causes which may result in costly and inefficient water usage:

  • Faulty equipment – Negligent or genuine faults
  • Trespasser leaving taps opened
  • Inadvertent wastage from Service Crews undertaking repair works

A customer should raise a request for a concession by submitting a written letter and a plumbers report or bill. 
The company would only grant concession in an amount of 50% and 25% for the first and second month of the reported leak. A concession will be granted once the conditions are satisfied and a reduction of the charges billed will be less the regular monthly charges on the first recorded abnormal consumption after notification.

The concession would be granted when the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The customer produces an appropriate supporting document to validate the request. A customer should raise a request for a concession by producing bills of all costs incurred as a result of excessive charges – for example, a water bill, plumbing, and repair charges.
  • The customer services officer (CSO) authorizes a Works Order to investigate the request.
  • The CSO verifies the validity of the request. This is done by ensuring that having contacted the customer, the possible reasons given for the high consumption correlate with the results on the Works Order.
  • CSO follows up with the service crew to ensure that all necessary checks were done.
  • A report from the CSO showing :
    a) The record of the billing period and the date the customer notified of the unusually high consumption
    b) Recommendation(s) whether the customer should or should not be granted the concession
    c) Calculation of Revised Bill