Our Water

Learn more about our water services.

The Montserrat Utility Limited is the island’s water service provider. Our island has some of the best water in the world – we ensure safe water distribution and prompt fault fixes.

Our Water System

Our water resource is produced naturally from our six springs: Killikrankie, Lawyers, Quashie, Hope, Olveston, and Forgarthy. MUL ensures that the water consumed by our customers is safe by carrying out testing at CARPHA’s Environmental Laboratory, in St. Lucia. Here they examine the bacteriological and chemical parameters of the water quality. Our team works very hard, all year round, to ensure that our customers’ taps continue to flow, and their waste water is taken away safely. An important initiative at MUL is to invest in our people and infrastructure in order to provide quality water services.

MUL has thirteen reservoirs for the collection and storage of 1,793,000 gallons of water for public consumption 

Our Waste Water System

MUL treats ____ of sewage each day. Besides human waste, sewage also contains other impurities and harmful chemicals. It is our job to remove all of these impurities so that we can return the purified waste water back into the body of water, to continue its journey through the water cycle. Two branches of our sewage treatment plant are located in Davy Hill and Lookout. Your waste water leaves your home and enters into our sewer system, which transports the waste and water to the designated water treatment plant. The water is then cleaned and filtered to remove solid components. It then passes into large tanks, where the water  settles and sediment is removed.