Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Your Electricity Utility Bill is a breakdown of the charges you’ve incurred as an electricity customer.  MUL, your energy and water supplier sends you your utility bills on a monthly basis so that you can understand how much you owe.

The average Utility Bill is made up of several different components:

  1. Billing Date
  2. Electricity & Water Readings
  3. Monthly Utility Consumption
  4. Address
  5. Account Information
  6. Utility Charges

1.Billing Date:  is the billing period for the current bill. It is located in the top middle portion of your bill, just above the previous and current readings.

2.Electricity & Water Readings: this shows the previous meter reading and the current meter reading for the service period.

3.Monthly Utility Consumption: are the amount of water and electricity used during the billing period calculated as the difference between the previous meter reading and the current meter reading.

4.Address: means the physical location in Montserrat where utility services are provided. It includes the block & parcel of real property and/or P.O. Box number where utility services are provided.

5.Account Information: contains the information regarding the utility account including account number, type of service, and block & parcel number.  The account number is required to make a payment and is located directly beneath your address.

6.Utility Charges: is a detailed explanation of the bill charges and usage.

Electricity Tariff Rate

Electricity usage is calculated each month via a tier system. Domestic electricity customers has only two blocks: block one and two, which is only applicable to Domestic customers. Commercial, industrial and streetlight customers has only one block. Below is a breakdown of the blocks based on the service type showing the respective tariff rates.

The Fuel Surcharge records unbilled energy sales at the end of each month.  This estimate is based upon actual information for the preceding month and is adjusted monthly.

It is calculated based on the difference between the cost of fuel used to generate energy sales in the current month and a deemed base price of $0.2601 as at 1st January 1974.  The surcharge is recovered by applying the month’s surcharge rate to units billed in the following month.

Electricity Rates

Type of Customer Block One | 0 - 75 Units Block 2 | All Remaining Units